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Nova's pro-Portable Inflator

Nova's pro-Portable Inflator

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Introducing Nova's pro-Portable Tire Inflator – The Ultimate Solution for Efficient Tire Inflation

Product Features

1. Enhanced Precision: Equipped with a barometric pressure sensor and an upgraded digital chip, Nova's pro-Portable Tire Inflator ensures accurate inflation with minimal error, automatically stopping when the set pressure is reached.

2. Multiple Presets: Save time with five built-in scene presets and four air pressure units, allowing you to switch settings with a single key.

3. Full Button Backlighting: Operate easily at night with upgraded backlighting on the screen and buttons, which illuminate when the machine is turned on.

4. Lamp Disk Lighting Design: The upgraded 19x13.5mm lamp disk provides superior lighting compared to small lamp beads, functioning as both an inflator and a flashlight.

5. Three Lighting Modes: Versatile lighting options include a white steady light, a red low-frequency flashing police light, and a red SOS strobe light, all accessible with long presses.

6. Anti-Scald Design: The inflatable port is designed to reduce the risk of burns, even when the port temperature reaches up to 120°C during operation.

7. Upgraded Breathable System: Increased breathable area for better internal heat dissipation, ensuring stable and efficient performance.

8. Emergency Charging: Features a USB power output interface, allowing the inflator to double as a power bank for emergency charging needs.

Product Parameters

  • Name: Handheld Inflatable Pump
  • Model: C3106
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 7.5 x 5.2 x 19.8 cm
  • Weight: 0.47 kg
  • Output Air Pressure: maximum 150 PSI
  • Cylinder Size: 16 mm
  • Rated Voltage: 7.4V

Package Includes

  • Color Box
  • Inflatable Pump
  • Road Bike Adapter
  • Instruction Manual
  • Ball Pin
  • Swimming Ring Adapter
  • Inflatable Tube


1. Power Check: Ensure the device has enough power for proper operation.

2. Appropriate Pressure: Use the correct air pressure for different objects to avoid damage.

3. Avoid Overheating: Do not use the pump continuously for long periods to prevent overheating.

4. Environment: Avoid using in humid or extreme temperatures.

5. Secure Connections: Ensure proper connection of inflation heads to prevent air leakage or unsafe connections.

6. Regular Maintenance: Clean the pump regularly, especially the filter, to maintain good performance.

7. Safe Storage: Disconnect power or remove the battery when not in use. Store in a dry, well-ventilated place.

8. Child Safety: Keep out of reach of children to prevent accidents.

9. Manual: Read the instruction manual carefully before use to understand precautions and usage methods.

Nova's pro-Portable Tire Inflator combines precision, convenience, and multifunctionality in one compact device, making it an essential tool for travelers, sports enthusiasts, and anyone who values reliability on the go. Get yours today and experience the ultimate in tire inflation efficiency!

Product features

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